Lindsey Mix Photography | A long, long overdue update.

A long, long overdue update.

February 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

My last update was September 7th. It's hard to believe.

Honestly, things started going downhill after my last post. Everything was just taking so long and the frustrations kept me from writing. It's not fun to write "We're still waiting..." over and over so I just went silent.

Through all of the rotten stuff we've dealt with - the silver lining is that we accepted an offer on our house in Hockessin. They are selling their own house so there is no closing date just yet. That helped us relax some to have that tiny piece underway.

Fortunately, we' have things moving again and we're really making progress. Since the last time I posted, the framing was finished, windows & exterior doors have been added, electrical and plumbing rough ins have been completed, and insulation went in last week!

Today they're putting up the drywall! I'm so darn excited I can't stand it.

Next, is where it's going to get hard. We're going to be priming, painting, and installing most of the floors ourselves. We're not sure exactly how long to expect that to take so we're thinking we might be moving in April-ish, only 7 months later than we had originally thought!

So, without further ado, here are some progress pictures:

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