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August 27, 2015  •  2 Comments

I'm participating in a course called Heart & Vision. I was a bit skeptical to be perfectly honest. Life is busy right now and I wasn't sure if it was a good time to take on something introspective...which probably means it was the exact time to slow down and really pause to look at life. 

Anyway, the assignment for last week was to take a look at a famous poem by George Ella Lyon called Where I'm From. Then, we were to take inspiration fro the poem and create our own version. It was daunting. How do you capture all of who you are in what's essentially just a few words? 

Well, here's my best shot. 

I am from grandparents without two pennies to rub together, from parents that worked hard to give us everything.
I am from patience and teaching opportunities. I am from Sheryl and Schuy and Jay
I am from pride. From an older brother who didn't want his little sister pestering him.
I am from tea towels and a perfect house. I am from shamrocks, Easter eggs, witches, Santas, and a wreath for each.
I am from Little Women and Heidi, from hiding under the covers with a book and a flashlight.
Straight A's and a hole in the door from my temper tantrum.
I am from my dad building a snowman waving at me in front of a window when I was too sick to go out and play. Sledding. Dog breath and snow clumps in fur.
I am from seven layer cookies, pecan pie, apple dumplings, and lemon bars. 
I am from catching sunfish on a dock, snoopy pillow cases, playing in apples trees and dropped pies.
I am from sports team benches and parades. 
I am from the smell of freshly cut grass, bike rides, and tree climbing. From friends stuck in trees with their jacket caught on branches - laughing too hard to help. 
I am from Honeysuckle and culd-a-sac adventures. 
I am from salt water and jelly fish stings; suntans, swimmer's ear, and green hair.
I am from hot summer days baking in the sun and cold winters with the smell of a wood fire wafting through the air.
I am from love.



Elinor Caton(non-registered)
I am in awe. This piece is incredible and beautiful and touching. Thank you for sharing.
I think I know that person and I love everthing she is...
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