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We've Ordered Kitchen Cabinets| Lindsey Mix Photography

August 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I think almost everyone can agree that the best part of a home renovation is picking out interior finishes that fit your taste, your style, that represent you. 

It's funny, I'm taking a new photography course called Heart & Vision and we were asked recently to journal about our home design and how it reflects who we are. As I look around our current home, it's full of colors; yellows, greens, blues, even red. It's the perfect representation of who we were when we moved in. We weren't even married. Everything was new and planning, babies, new jobs....! The colors seemed to reflect that...all of the newness and vibrancy that matched that stage in our lives.

I think it's so interesting now that we are looking at a much more neutral color palette; fresh. new. calm. bright. organic. Part of it is that my photography is having a HUGE influence over my design eye. I am really drawn to monotones - similar shades of the same color or similar colors. It brings me peace to be in a space like that and I'm SO excited to share my vision with my family. Fortunately, Chad is along for the ride. He has opinions, of course, sometimes in surprising ways, but he has overall handed the reigns over to me.

Anyway, we knew we wanted a white kitchen. I'm craving light and bright after living in the middle of the woods for the past 7 years. Now, don't get me wrong, Arden is far from an open field on a hill top, but the house itself does get some great afternoon light. Pair that with some light floors, light gray walls, and a white kitchen....ahhhhh just thinking about it relaxes me.

So, we went to a few cabinet places and honestly, we were pretty surprised by the lack of customer service just about everywhere we went. The local places were busy with sales people that seemed annoyed to be bothered. We ended up in the cabinet departemnet of Lowes with the most patient, kind kitchen designer we'd met, Mike.

We sat down and got to work. We went with a semi-custom cabinet in "Coconut", which is just a shade or two darker than a true white. It will have gray detailing. The door style is called Arden. We were a bit on the fence with a few styles until we found the name...since that's the community we're moving into, it just seemed to be the right fit.

We told Mike we were ready to buy the next time a great sale came up. Sure enough, a few weeks later he gave us a call and we got an outstanding deal on not only our kitchen cabinets, but custom cabinets for the mudroom too!!

So, without further ado, here is the almost final kitchen design. 

The design has been slightly altered in the sense that there will not be glass cabinets on the sides of the stove and all of the way across the top. There will only be three glass cabinets total - the 3 in the top row directly above the stove and to either side. I went back and forth on this but in the end, the need for hidden storage won out over design.

Lowes Kitchen Design

This is the back of of the island. From left to right is a pantry, dishwasher, sink, then trash/recycling. The left end of the island will have cabinet doors to hide more pantry items and the right end will be open shelving to the dining room.

Lowes Kitchen Design

Chad's big wish list was a 36" range and double ovens. We ran into a bit of an issue with where to put the microwave. So, there will be a range and a wall oven/microwave over on the right. It shows a cabinet now but that cabinet will actually be a microwave.

Lowes Kitchen Design

The only other thing missing is the Coffee Bar. I wanted a nice clean, clutter free look so I wanted a place to hide the coffee maker since that's the one appliance that will live on the counters. So, instead of a full pantry cabinet next to the mudroom door, there will be a lower cabinet with a counter top and an upper cabinet. That cubby will hopefully have a water spout and electric so the coffee can live there! 

Lowes Kitchen Design

And there you have it. One more decision made.



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