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I am a crier| Lindsey Mix Photography in Wilmington Delaware

January 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It's true. Any one of my family, friends and probably even distant acquaintances can confirm that I am - a crier. I have always been horribly empathetic and overly involved in other peoples' emotions. It's especially true when I'm sucked into a movie. It's for this very reason that I can't watch horror flicks. I get so involved my heart races, my blood pressure goes up, and I'm ready to call 911 when the wind blows against the house slightly louder than usual.

In addition to this being a horrible affliction during movies, it is a terrible weakness of mine when my friends cry...or a new mom cries when she talks about her new baby...or a dad...forgettaboutit.  I am instantly a puddle. Happy Cry, I'm with you. Broken Heart, I'm with you.

I'm not sure if you've been following Kleenexs' stock price but I can assure you that it's gone up. The past few weeks three of my dearest friends lost loved ones. Two of my friends; a brother and sister, lost their grandmother and the third, lost her mother. Just this past weekend, each were put to rest.

I stood at both funerals and watched each of my friends stand in front of a room full of people and declare their love for the one that had passed. They told stories of love and laughter with a sincerity that would bring a giant to his knees. I watched and wept as each of them stood with shaking hands and deep breaths and composed themselves so beautifully and honured their loved ones so genuinely. It takes such courage to honor a loved one at a funeral. Courage that I don't have.

I spoke with one of my friends at length about how our friends forgive us our weaknesses and our faults. That's when they become our family, the family we choose for ourselves. I am so very lucky to have such amazing friends in my life. They are friends that forgive me my shortcomings and love me anyway. I'm sorry that they're going through such a terrible time right now.

It sort of leaves me speechless.

So, with no way to wrap this up, I decided to link a commercial that we talked about this weekend... one that makes me cry my eyes out. Luckily, others confirmed that it gets to them to.

If you're a mom - this video is for you:



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