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My girl is back in Delaware | Lindsey Mix Photography

August 25, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I titled this blog post "My girl is back in Delaware" but I guess she hadn't really left the state. She spent last week down with my amazing parents in Fenwick Island, DE. This summer she's spent a total of four weeks away from home. It was a way for us to keep her out of day care for a while and save a little bit before she heads off to Kindergarden next Wednesday.

Four weeks away...anyone with an almost five year old knows that's four very quiet weeks at home. It was a chance to clean, organize, and (don't tell her)seriously purge some toys.

She's had a bit of a hard time getting used to Mommy and Daddy's rules again. She's been emotional and waking up in the middle of the night. Part of me wonders if she was too young to be gone so much. The other part of me knows how good it is for her to spend time away and to build her relationships with the rest of her family. We know that not everyone is so lucky to have such amazing grandparents for our kids.

So, now that she's home,  and it'stime for her to really join my project 365!!


Here she is hiding in the hamper from her little brother:

Teaching your kids photograrphy, project 365,My girl is home!

I took her on a scouting adventure for some new photography spots in Wilmington on Friday night. She was absolutely delighted to take "her" camera along:

Kids & a Camera, Project 365My Girl is Home!

Yesterday, I had a Cake Smash in the morning followed by a Maternity Session in the afternoon so the kids went on an adventure with their daddy. I knew they were up to no good when I saw them pull in the driveway and Sutton carefully stepped out and tip toed towards the front door clutching something in her hands...

She had her very own pet, "Rex". She was so incredibly proud and excited. While I think I may have had the two best Client session so far yesterday (Which I can't wait to share!), this little "first" was the photo of the day that's going down in the record books for Project 365:

Kids & a Camera, Project 365, Pet FishMy Girl is Home





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